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Video Takeaways

Here are today’s show notes and the resources for you to learn more about Coronavirus and COVID 19


CDC (USA) Website:
CDC (China) Website Study:

Now, as a lot of people know around the world, they started off in WuHan China in December of 2019. Now even by knowing about the Coronavirus, it did start to spread all over the world, including those regions, obviously right there near China, which include Taiwan, Japan, and then South Korea. It started going down to Australia. It went over to the U S. It went to Canada and Mexico.

It hit really hard and Iran. Right now that’s one of the most affected regions at the moment. Italy! It hit really hard in Italy and to the point where Italy as of March 9th, it was in full lockdown. All of the citizens were in lockdown in Italy, because of the Corona virus COVID 19.

In order to take that information and remember it, you have to create a story out of the material that you want to learn. So in this case, we’re taking the three symptoms fever, cough, and shortness of breath, and we’re creating visual triggers to help us remember that.

For Coronavirus, corona virus my image association for that would be a crown. In Spanish. It’s corona, a crown for corona. So I would picture a crown for coronavirus.

If you think of something else, you can use that whatever you feel more connected with when it, when you hear that term Corona, Coronavirus, use that as a trigger. If the beer, Corona, popped up in your mind, you can use that as well. But for me, I would just choose the crown for Corona in this case. If you wanted to remember the actual disease name COVID for coronavirus you would maybe picture the Corona being covered with a blanket. So the crown Corona is covered with a blanket. It’s a coronavirus COVID 19. Covered COVID. Those are the triggers that I would use for that.

The first symptom is fever. So what I would do is I would put the crown on top of their head and it’s fitting them really, really tight so they start getting a red face and getting really heated and mad and you’d just see a bunch of steam coming out of their ears. So the fever and the red face is what represents the fever here in this case. Fever = red face, and they get really, really hot. So picture that for the first one.

To continue on and to add on to that symptoms, the story for the symptoms, you want to picture now coughing. So that person with the red face, they get so heated because the crown is really tight on their head that they just start coughing. They cough uncontrollably.

And then the third symptom here is shortness of breath. So they cough up a lung. A small, tiny lung that fits inside of their palm. So the small lung will represent shortness of breath and now they have a really tough time breathing.

So they’re coughing and they have a really hard time breathing on top of that. And their face is really red to represent the fever because of the crown that’s squeezing the top of their head.

So all those things, this is called the chain-link method of memorization. So what you want to do is chain link, all of these, you link all of these different stories or images into a story to help you remember what the previous association was.

So the crown, to the red face, to the coughing, to the lungs.

These are all chained together in one story and it’s going to help you link all those together. All right, so that’s how you would go about to remember this. Remember the symptom. So the next time somebody asks, all you gotta do is remember the picture. You would want to review it a few times in your mind.

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