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To memorize anything you need to turn it in to an image and then store it somewhere. The place where you store it is what we refer to as a file.

In this case we stored the data on our body files.

These 10 files are

1- top
2 – nose
3- mouth
4- ribs
5- liver
6- joint
7- Cap
8- fibula (bone in your leg)
9- foot
10- sand (or ground)

Then we turned the Bill of Rights into images so we could memorize them. The 10 images we used were:

1. Speaker
2. Arm wrestling
3. Soldiers
4. Spotlight
5. Mouth
6. Judge running
7. Jury
8. Bail of hay
9. Right
10. State

These represented the 10 Bill of Rights this way

1. Speaker = Freedom of speech
2. Arm wrestling = right to bare arms
3. Soldiers = You don’t have to let soldiers stay at your house
4. Spotlight = no illegal searches
5. Mouth = right to remain silent
6. Judge running = right to speedy trial
7. Jury = right to trial by jury
8. Bail of hay = right to not have excessive bale
9. Right = there are others rights you have not listed here
10. State = the states have rights

These are the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution and how you memorize them using a technique similar to the Mind Palace. If you don’t know the Mind Palace memory technique here is a cool video that describes it

I have memorized the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights word for word using this memory system. It takes practice but in the long run it is more than worth it.

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