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Is memory improvement easy? I wouldn’t say memory improvement or memory training is easy. However, I would say it is simple.

This is what I mean by that. In order to improve your memory I recommend you learn a system and one of those is the Mind Palace or the memory palace.

Here is a video on that:

Is the Mind Palace or memory palace system simple? Yes it is?

Is it easy? Not always.

Why? Because it’s not always easy to sit down and do it! The discipline it takes to memorize is the hard part not the actual system. Because of this I will say that memory training is simple but it’s not easy.

In order to make memory training easy maybe you should do what the memory experts do and compete in a memory tournament such as the World Memory Championships or the USA Memory Championships.

This is what I did and because it was fun I eagerly trained to get better.

Here is a video on how to memorize a deck of cards:

Once you give yourself a fun project to work on your memory training skills with then memory training becomes a lot easier.

Maybe you want to learn how to memorize the presidents of the USA such as this little girl did

or another topic. Whatever your goal is, you should work to make it fun.

Learn to memorize poems and this will make your memory training journey more fun. Here is a video on how to memorize poems or religious texts

Or learn to memorize the lines of a Shakespearean play like here

Memory training is not always easy but you will find that it is simple.

So if your goal is to improve your memory the first step you need to do is make it fun. Once you make it fun or a game then you will be more likely to practice or train and training is really the first key to memory improvement.

I do recommend that you get my Black Belt Memory course it is what I believe to be the best memory training course on the market today.

Memory improvement is not easy but it is simple so make it a fun game!

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