This is a video I’ve been wanting to do for a while (in part because I’ve wanted to learn Morse Code myself, for years!) and I’ve also had many requests for it.

In my mind, there are 2 ways to go about learning Morse Code. So here are both ways!

It’s one of my lengthier videos, but hopefully it will help anyone who watches this, to learn Morse Code completely in just 15 minutes, with a little bit of help from some mnemonics.

Here is the standard International Morse Code pdf I reference in the video:

And also, all of my silly phrases for all the letters in the alphabet (lowercase signifies a dot, caps signifies a dash):

A: a – PART
B: BOB – is – the – man
C: CO – ca – CO – la
D: DOG – did – it
E: eh?
F: fetch – a – FIRE – man
G: GOOD – GRAV – y
H: hip – i – ty – hop
I: i – bid
J: in – JAWS – JAWS – JAWS
K: KANG – a – ROO
L: los – AN – ge – les
N: NU – dist
O: OH – MY – GOD
P: a – POOP – Y – smell
Q: GOD – SAVE – the – QUEEN
R: ro -TAT – ion
S: si – si – si
U: u – ni – FORM
V: vic – tor – y – VEE
W: the – WORLD – WAR
X: X – marks – the – SPOT
Z: ZINC – ZOO – kee – per

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