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Link above has video on how to memorize a deck of cards.

Incredible! Lance Tschirhart sets a record by memorizing a deck of shuffled cards in 29 seconds at the 2015 USA Memory Championships!

After this 29 seconds he then was given 5 minutes to reassemble another deck of cards from memory to match this deck (without looking at the memorized deck of course). He was able to do this and they matched perfectly. It was incredible to watch!

He also set a record the same day by memorizing 360 random digits in 5 minutes and then writing them out from memory.

He is a talented and hardworking mental athlete. It would shock no one to see him rise in the world rankings rapidly and one day become the USA Memory Champion

For a basic explanation of how to memorize a deck of cards see our other videos. We hope to post a video of Lance’s method soon

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