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Are memory training systems too much work?

People tell me all the time:
‘Ron, I’m not going to use a memory training system because it is too much work. Not only do I have to memorize the information I also have to learn the memory training system and that is too much work!’

In this video I explain that a memory training system is like the shopping cart at the store. It is not too much work to stop at the front of the store and grab a basket.

Without a basket you can only carry 6-7 items in your hands.

Without a memory training system (basket for your brain) you will only be able to memorize 6-7 items at a time.

I know it takes a while to perfect any memory training systems but my best memory improvement tip is to take the time to learn the Mind Palace also known as the Memory Palace or method of loci.

Yes, I will concede it might take a week or so to master it but once it is mastered you will be able to use it for the rest of your life.

Trying to shop without a basket is silly and so is memorizing without a memory training system.

Simply put it is a must.

When I first got interested in learning how to memorize I took a memory training seminar. This was 1991 and I constructed my first Mind Palace.

Hands down, without question when I teach people how to memorize the first memory training system that I start with is the mind palace technique.

I hope you enjoyed this analogy on why it is worth it to learn any memory training system.
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