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Brain exercises are crucial to keeping your brain strong, fresh and quick

In this video we have my friend Nick Davenpoprt talking about his brain exercises that he likes to do to wake up his brain.

Here are some other videos I have done on brain exercises

I was on the Dr Oz show talking about brain exercises here

This video contains more brain exercises and the number counting exercise that I referred to in the video above

Remember in order to keep a healthy, quick and sharp brain that exercises are great.

Other things that are great to keep in mind is good nutrition and exercise for the brain.

I have done some videos on great brain foods

Another brain food video I did where I went to the store and purchased brain foods

I was on the National Geographic show Brain Games and I have always loved brain games and brain exercises.

My friend Nick always shares great games for the brain.

I hope you try out these brain games and exercise your brain.

Comment below and tell me what your time is with this alphabet brain exercise.

But don’t stress! Your score doesn’t need to be better than Nick’s!

Mine isn’t!

Give it a try and let me know your time.

As a memory champion I think not only memory training is important but games like this.

Please share this awesome info!