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There are strategies that you can implement to perform better on tests.

When doing exam prep implement some of the strategies I talk about in this video.

They will help you feel more confident about taking the test.

Some of the tips include maybe taking a headache pill before the test to prevent you from getting a headache.

Making sure that you can see the clock in the room or bring a watch so you don’t get stuck and run out of time while taking the test.

Other things you might do to perform better on exams are things like not worrying about everyone else. Just focus on yourself.

In addition when reading a true-false question it is very important to make sure that the entire statement is true. One word can make the entire statement false so be careful!

On a multiple choice test try to answer the question without looking at the answers. Then if you look at the answers and the answer you thought of is there there’s a good chance that’s the right answer because you thought of it even before you looked at the answers.

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