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Any student can improve their study habits and study skills to improve their grades and do it with less study time and less stress. My 10 best study skills tips are:

1. Study in chunks. Research tells us that there will be a diminishing return on study time if we don’t take breaks. Studying in 25-50 minute segments with 15 minute breaks is ideal. Then go for a walk or do something to get your blood pumping
2. Get 6-8 hours sleep the night after you learn something and the next day when you wake up you will know it better
3. Take notes in class! This is big. It is better for you to take the notes instead of just copying someone elses
4. Clear your mind of all distractions before you study
5. If you find when you study you mind begins to drift focus in on a keyword in the text you are reading and repeat that word over and over until you are again focused
6. Learn the most important ideas first. Read the learning objectives or table of contents first. These are often the details you should be looking for while reading
7. Learn the list of terms or glossary in the back of the book
8. Chew gum while you study. Then when you take the test chew that same flavor of gum and studies show this will help you remember what you were studying (weird I know, just try it)
9. Trick your brain into what you are studying is a plot to a movie or tv show. Imagine it is an exciting script
10. My favorite study skill tip is to use the Mind Palace technique. I think this will have a HUGE benefit to your studying. For more details about the Mind Palace go here

So those are my best Study Skills tips. I encourage you to use them in your studies.

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