Have you ever seen someone and you know that you are supposed to know their name but you don’t?

It can be embarrassing when you forget a name. My memory training system mainly teaches you how to remember names from this point forward and if you haven’t watched that video this is a great video on how to remember names https://youtu.be/8weFiPGFObk

But let’s say you did not use my system on how to remember names from the start and now you have met someone that you don’t know their name and you don’t want to just ask their name because you are embarrassed. There are a few things that you can do.

1. Is to relax a little bit. Stress is one of the worst enemies to your memory and when you are stressed out there is a less chance that you will recall the name. So take a deep breath and relax and see if this helps you to remember the name you forgot.

2. Next is try going through the alphabet. Ask yourself, ‘Did their name start with A? B? C? D? E? F? G? H?…’

Go all the way through the alphabet and see if their name pops up in your mind. If it doesn’t that is ok but you will be surprised how many time you have forgotten and name and this simple alphabet trick works.

But the best way to remember names is to use my system in the video above

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