My pictures for 1600 of common names are at the link above

I was on the show Stan Lee’s Superhumans on the History Channel (It’s on H2 now). On the show they took me to a road race in Austin and asked me to memorize the names of the runners before they started and then as they crossed the finish line I called off their names.

It was tough because they finished in a different order and also because there was 100s of runners out there that I hadn’t met and I had to determine which ones I met and which ones I didn’t.

To memorize the names I did 2 things:

1. I selected a key distinctive feature on each person. On Liz it was her headband, Megan was her sleeveless shirt, Bill was his helmet.

2. I have pre determinded pictures for common names:
Steve = stove
Lisa = Mona Lisa
Brian = brain
Karen = carrot
Liz = lizard
Megan = mayonnaise gun
Bill = dollar bill $$

Then I imagined the pictures interacting with their distinctive feature. As they crossed the finish line I asked myself, ‘What was their distinctive feature?’ Oh it was the headband and there was a lizard on their headband. Oh, hey, ‘Liz!’

That’s how I did it and how I memorize names. Now to remember names in real life you have to do it a little didn’t than I did on Stan Lee’s Superhumans because here I used clothes and obviously that will change. In real life you need to pick things that won’t change. So click the link above for more training on that

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