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Remembering names and faces is a skill that can lead anyone to success. Dale Carnegie in his book, ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ wrote that everyone’s favorite subject is themselves and the sweetest sound to their ear is their own name. When you can remember names and face it will make a big difference in building relationships and connecting with people. This system shows you how to remember names.

The key to learning how to remember names is to follow my 5 step process
1. Focus your brain. When walking towards the person ask yourself, ‘What is their name?’ This will focus your brain
2. Select an outstanding feature on their face (big eyes, beard, scar, etc)
3. Create a picture for their name (Brian = brain, Lisa = Mona Lisa, etc). Get my pictures for names at link above. This is a big step in learning how to remember names
4. Imagine the picture for their name on the outstanding feature of their face with action and emotion
5. Review, review, review. Ask yourself, ‘Who did I meet today?’

This is the same process to remember names as in wiki:

If you follow these 5 steps in learning how to remember names you will be amazed at how many names you can remember. I have memorized as many as 301 names at a conference and at the USA Memory Championship I memorized 128 names in 15 minutes using this system.

Get my pictures for names and start learning how to remember names

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