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Remembering names and faces is very important in life and in business. It’s not something that some people can do and others just have to accept that they can’t. It is 100% true that anyone can get better at remembering names in faces.

I demonstrate here but I also did this same demonstration on the National Geographic Show Brain Games when I memorized the names inside a theater. Brain Games is a fun show and I enjoyed demonstrating name memory and retention there.

When I was training for the USA Memory Championship I had a memory system to remember names and faces and I could memorize 120 names in 15 minutes. When I speak for groups I have memorized 301 names in one single audience before.

The most names I have remembered or memorized is 2,300 and these are the fallen heroes from the war in Afghanistan. With rank, first name and last name it is over 7,000 words.

In this video I explain 3 of the steps in recalling names and faces:
1. Focus on the person. I suggest that you do this by asking yourself the question, ‘What is their name?’ as you are walking towards them
2. Select a distinct facial feature on the person
3. Create a picture for their name

I have hundreds of pictures for names already created and if you go to the link above you can get that.

So this is how I memorize names and faces and yes it really does work.

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