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Memory training tips

To remember details about people you want to select a landmark that reminds you of that person.

For example if you want to remember that Brian has a daughter named Lisa look around his office and select a unique feature about his office. Maybe he has a flag in his office. If so, you use this unique feature about his office and take the name of his daughter and see it as an image on that flag. So you would imagine the Mona Lisa being painted in this American flag.

When you remember names of people it makes them feel good.

It can also be important to remember key details about people because you want to show them you care my remembering not only their name but remembering their favorite sports team, family members names and more.

The memory training technique of selecting major objects and mentally tying details to it is a great way to remember names and key details about people.

Remembering names and faces builds relationship. When you remember key facts this strengthens the relationship.

A key to this memory training technique to remember details about people is very effective, however, remember you must use review to take it from short term memory to long term memory.

In other words if you just think of this image when you meet someone and never review it then it will not transfer to your long term memory. Here is a video I did on long term memory.

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