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So you go to class and then a few days later or even worse when the test comes you can’t remember what you learned in class!

It’s terrible.

You feel like you aren’t smart or you wasted all the time learning because you can’t memorize your notes and remember what you learn in class.

This video I give my tips on exactly how to memorize your notes:

1. In order to memorize your notes it only makes sense that you have to take notes. I am a memory expert and 2 time USA Memory Champion yet I always take notes in class. I don’t try to memorize as the instructor is teaching. Instead I take notes in class and then late I will work to memorize my notes.

2. When taking notes use different color highlighters to remember group the concepts in your notes. For example if it is a history test you may want to highlight all the world leaders names in blue and the cities in red. Just something so when you look at your notes it jumps out at you and makes it more of a picture. Your mind remembers pictures. So if you want to memorize your notes and remember what you learn in class by highlighting this groups them in your memory.

3. Ask questions in class and be engaged. It only makes sense if you are talking at asking questions this forces your brain to think and engage and there is a much better chance you will recall what you are learning in class

4. Talk to people and ask questions after class. When you start having conversations about what you learned in class this conversation will not only allow you to hear other people’s perspectives it may clear some things up for you and you might clear some things from class up for them. But also this will help you to remember what you learned in class because you were reviewing it by talking about it.

5. Use a memory technique. My favorite memory technique to memorize anything (not just notes) is known as the Mind Palace. I did an entire video on the Mind Palace technique and it is really good if I do say so myself

These are some of my best tips to memorize your notes and remember what you learn in class.

I hope you find this helpful and you like my videos

Thank you
Ron White memory expert and memory champion

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