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Remembering vocabulary is very important to getting a good score on the SAT test and good grades in school. It is also important in life and even reading comprehension and reading speed.

To remember vocabulary it is the principle of seeing images for the pictures. For example to memorize the SAT vocabulary here

Neophyte = beginner

You would imagine a ‘knee fight’ and in audience bees drinking gin. So to memorize vocabulary you take the word you want to memorize and the definition and see them together in a combined image.

Spurious = possible but probably false

So here I turn the word spurious into a picture being a cowboy’s spur and probably false for me is Lochness Monster. I combine the two by seeing the Lochness Monster wearing cowboy spurs.

So now I remember spurious = possible but probably false.

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Remembering vocabulary is an important part of school work and getting good grades. This is how you memorize vocabulary whether it is for the SAT test or just remembering vocabulary words in general.

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