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How do you remember your passwords? If you have 10 different passwords for 10 different websites how can you be sure to remember them all? There are several ways and one way is to use the standard password for all but I think security experts will frown on this.

Next if your password is your anniversary, dogs name or kids name that is too easy to guess as well. You need to make it next to impossible to guess. The problem if you do then how can you be sure that you will remember the password?

Ron offers two easy solutions to memorize your passwords in this video. Ron is a two time USA memory champion and a world wide recognized memory expert. He has appeared on the National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games, History Channel’s Stan Lee’s Superhumans and will even be on an infomercial with Montel Williams.

Ron is a memory training expert and a memory speaker. So enjoy his video on how to memorize passwords like Edward Snowden, the CIA and NSA

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