Get my images for numbers at link above

At the link above you can get my pictures for number.

So being on Superhumans show was so much fun. One thing people have asked is, ‘Could this be used as a pick up line?’ I mean a pick up artist remembering names and phone numbers of girls.

I will say the primary method isn’t as a pick up artist but I have had some fun with that memorizing girls numbers in the past. You may have seen some of those videos. But now on to the Superhuman show…

I was on Stan Lee’s Superhumans on the History Channel. I was in the episode titled Jawbreaker. In the video they put my memory up against a Home Depot store computer. The computer was wrong. I wasn’t. This is how I did it and memorized the numbers

Every digit 00-99 I have a person assigned to it as well as a verb. This is known as Character – Action or Person – Action.

The person for 09 is a baseball player. Baseball players throw baseballs so the verb is throwing

The person for 21 is a blackjack dealer and the verb is dealing cards.

The person for 18 is an army soldier and the verb is marching.

When you have a 4 digit # you want to memorize the 1st 2 digits you use the person and the 2nd 2 digits you use the verb.

So 2118 would be a blackjack dealer marching

1821 would be a soldier dealing cards
0918 would be a baseball soldier marching
1809 would be a soldier throwing a baseball

This enables you to memorize digits 4 at a time.

These are how I created the pictures for numbers and then I just imagined these pictures on the key distinctive feature of each product.

It worked!

This is how I memorize numbers and also how I did what I did on Stan Lee’s Superhumans

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