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I was on the National Geographic Show brain Games and on this show I memorized the serial numbers on dollar bills. Basically a serial number is a series of numbers and letters. So in order I to memorize the numbers I had to create picture for numbers and letter. My easy system for How to Memorize Numbers is:

5 is a star because there are 5 points on a star
10 is a fork and plate because the 1 looks like a fork and the 0 a plate
13 is mountains because the 3 if on the side it would look like twin peaks
18 is handcuffs because the 1 looks like the key and the 8 the handcuff

This is the very simple way to approach how to memorize numbers. There is a more advanced way to memorize numbers and that would be something referred to as the Major System. In this you have sounds assigned to numerals. 2 = N and 5 = L so 25 = Nail.

The point is that to memorize numbers you have to have pictures for the numbers memorized. If you enter your email at the link above you will get my pictures for numbers 1-1000 and this will make your goal of learning to memorize numbers much easier.

For this serial number test I also had to have pictures for letters memorized and here are some examples.

A = apple
B = Bee
C = Cat
D= dog
E = Elephant
F = Frog

Why would you want to learn to memorize numbers? Ideas for uses are:

Phone number memory
Give speeches or presentations from memory and remember key numbers
Remember dates or science facts with numbers in them
Remember product knowledge if it has numbers in it

Learning to memorize numbers isn’t so tough. Get my pictures for numbers and learn the Major System at link below


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