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Ron White is the memory guy featured on Nat Geo Show Brain Games in episode titled ‘Remember This’. He memorized names at wax museum in New York City, dollar bills serial numbers on streets of NYC and a deck of cards.

Ron White explains character action object and how to memorize numbers. This is the same system he used to memorize a 167 digit number at the USA Memory Championship in 2009 to set a USA record that stood for 1 year.

In this method every digit is assigned to a sound 0-9. These sounds are then used to create people or characters that you use to memorize numbers.

These sounds
0 = suh
1 = tuh
2 = nuh
3 = muh
4 = ruh
5 = luh
6 = juh
7 = kuh
8 = fuh
9 = buh

This is known as the Major System (the sounds for numbers) The character action object method has a character/action/noun for every 2 digit number

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