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Are you stressed trying to memorize medical terms? Medical terminology can be one of the hardest things to memorize in medical school and it can be frustrating making people want to give up.

But it is easy if you have a memory training strategy. So here are a few memory training strategies to memorize medical terms.

1. The system described in this video is one where you take the medical term that you want to memorize and you turn it into a picture and then you take the definition and you turn that info a picture and put them together in one big giant picture.

For example the medical term of macula we imagined Dracula eating a Big Mac hamburger. Then had the nerves coming out of it. We turn the medical term and the definition into a picture and in a sense create a story to memorize the medical term.

2. Another technique for medical term memory would be creating a story. I have a great example of that here at this link

3. Finally a great strategy to memorize medical terms would be the Mind Palace method. Actually this may not be the best technique for terms (I would use the technique in this video for memorizing terms and definitions.) With that said there are some great uses for the Mind Palace that you could use in medical school. Here is the Mind Palace technique

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