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Memory expert and memory champion Ron White, demonstrates how he memorized a room for of Indian names in New Delhi after talking with them for about 15 minutes before he spoke. Anyone can get better at remembering names and here is his amazing memory demonstration

My pictures for some of the names in this video:
Ratan = rat on
Abshek = a bee shaking
Vivek = letter ‘K’ that’s VIVID
Shek = shake
Prianka = Prius car honking
Amir = a mirror
Omar = an ‘o’ in the sea (mar)
Gorav = goring something and it turns off
Vishesh = fish with an SH
Agit = a jet
Siduk (sit duck)
Deepali = Muhammad Ali in deep water
Harivansh = harry van
Yashohari = Lasso harry
Amit = baseball mit
Nondani = non (cirle with line through it) tanning

Keep in mind these pictures I had to create on the spot in this short amount of time. English names are much easier for me to memorize because I have so many predetermined pictures for names.

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