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I have been teaching memory training seminars for years and this Mind Palace technique is without question my best memory training tip!

Sherlock Holmes used the Mind Palace in his stories. It is also referred to as the Memory Palace. Whether you call it the Mind Palace or the Memory Palace it is one of the most trusted memory techniques of top memory experts around the world. Although it was referenced in Sherlock Holmes books it actually dates back as far as 2500 years ago.

The core of the Mind Palace technique is that you use rooms in your head to store whatever it is that you want to memorize. It is an amazing memory training tool.

For example look around your room right now and number 5 pieces of furniture. Then you have 5 words to memorize: water, dog, sand, paper and cloud. On the first piece of furniture you may imagine water pouring down, a dog barking at the number two piece of furniture, a sand castle on the next, stacks of paper on the next and a cloud covering the 5th one. Then to recall the words you simply go back in your mind an look at each piece of furniture.

This method is known as the Mind Palace or Memory Palace and some have called it the Roman Room (because the Romans were the first to use it).

You can use the Mind Palace to give speeches without notes, memorize lines, memorize schoolwork, memorize chapters of books and just about anything. I used it to set the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA.

Of all my how to memorize techniques the Mind Palace is without question my favorite. I have about 1300 items in my Mind Palace (no not all in my home. I used 30-40 different locations)

So if you are looking for my best memory training tip this is definitely it.

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