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There is an easy way to memorize bible verses and there is a hard way.

You could post up sticky notes all over your home with bible verses and try to memorize one verse a week. Sure that is possible but is that really a good way to memorize bible verses? I don’t think it is.
What about making flash cards or just repeating the verses over and over to yourself to memorize bible verses? Again I think this will make you crazy.

I believe the best, easiest and quickest way to memorize bible verses is to use the Mind Palace.

If you have followed my videos for any length of time you know that the Mind Palace is my favorite memory training tool and it is the one I use to memorize bible verses.

In this video I explain to you what the Mind Palace is and how you can use it to memorize bible verses such as the Ten Commandments or Romans Chapter 8.

In my program ‘How to Memorize the Sermon on the Mount’ in 3 days I will walk you through how to memorize bible verses the easy way with the Mind Palace method

If you want a full description of what a Mind Palace is you can watch this video

At the link above I offer more training on how to memorize bible verses as well as a place to go to to get my pictures for the 66 books of the bible which may come in handy when you set out to memorize bible verses

I hope you use the Mind Palace to memorize bible verses and everything else that you want to memorize whether it is school work or business information.

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