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This video is the most comprehensive guide ever to memorizing a deck of shuffled cards.

The basic way to memorize a deck of cards is to create an image for all 52 cards. Here is a way that you might create these images

Hearts = people that you love
Diamonds = rich people
Clubs = sports stars or athletes
Spades = cartoon characters or superheros

If you need help creating the images or people for cards to memorize then get some ideas from the Major System for memorizing numbers. In this Major System for Numbers

1 = t
2 = n
3 = m
4 = R
5 = L
6 = J
7 = K or C
8 = F or PH
9 = P or B
0 = S

So for the 8 of Diamonds think of someone rich that their name starts with F

For 3 of hearts think of someone that you love and their names starts with M.

For the 9 of Clubs think of a sports star or singer who has a P in their name.

For the 2 of Diamonds think of a rich person whose name starts with an N

If you do this you could memorize a deck of cards using 52 images and the Mind Palace or Memory Palace technique.

If you want to speed up the process and advance to the next level of how to memorize a deck of cards you will want to use the method known as Person Action Object or also known as Character Action Object.

In this method for each card you have a person, and action and an object.

You memorize cards in groups of 3 and this really speeds up the process.

If you are looking for memory training tips or memory tricks I do believe that this is the absolute best method for memory training.

Learn how to do this memory trick and impress your friends.

Ron White is a memory expert and 2 time USA Memory Champion

For tips on how to create your own Mind Palace or Memory Palace watch this video

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