The link above has tips on how to meditate but also strategies on how to improve your memory.

To meditate the right way you need to find yourself a quiet place. Sit upright if you can or if you have a bad back like me maybe you can sit in a half upright position.

The danger of laying down when you meditate is that you may fall asleep.

As you meditate take deep breaths and breath the air in and bring it up throughout your body.

You want to try to think of as little as possible when you meditate. If a thought enters your mind you want to try to just push it away.

The idea is to observe but not entertain the thought.

Meditation has many benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety, clarity of mind and even memory improvement.

As a memory expert I was very interested in meditation for memory improvement.

You can meditate on an airplane if you have noise canceling headphones.

Ideally the right way to meditate would be in the morning, afternoon and bedtime. But maybe you don’t have time for that. So maybe you just want to meditate in the morning or at night. Or whatever works for you.

Meditation is a great way to relax and clear your mind. It can help you can perspective.

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Meditation is great for you. Try it!

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