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If you want to transfer something from your short term memory to your long term memory you really need to do two things:

1. Review the information
2. Imagine it with action and emotion

The amount of time that it takes to keep something in your memory is different for everyone and is different for the information too.

If you learn something new about a topic that you already know then it will be shorter to your long term memory. But if it is a new topic to you then the time to your short term memory will be longer and you will have to review more.

I like to review the day I learn it, the next day, the next day and maybe once a week for a while.

I memorized everyone who died in the war in Afghanistan from the United States. It is 7,000 words and it took me 10 months to memorize but most of the time was not memorizing most of the time was reviewing.

I hope this video answers some of your memory training questions on long term memory.

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