In this video I mention the Mind Palace or the Memory Palace technique to memorize. If you don’t know what this method is then watch this great brain training video on how to memorize using the memory palace

If you want to know how to improve memory then you need brain training by learning to turn whatever you want to recall in to images.

If you need to recall things that have letters in them like the periodic table of elements or product knowledge for work you are going to need images to remember the letters.

In this brain training video I talk about how to memorize letters. This will help you to improve memory when trying to recall letters.

It will also serve as a peg system for you in regards to memory. If you don’t know what a peg system is then click here

A = Apple
B = bumble bee
C = cactus
D = dog
E = eggs
F = fire
G = grapes
H = hat
I = Igloo
J = jello
K = kangaroo
L = lake
M = moon
N = neon
O = octopus
P = pirate
Q = q tip
R = rat
S = snake
T = train
U = umbrella
V = vase
W = white
X = xray
Y = yoyo
Z = zoo

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