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How to forget

Do you have a hard to forgetting?

Do you have a painful memory that you would like to forget?

How to forget someone you love. How to erase memories. These are all things we wish we could do if it is painful.

In this video I talk about how to forget the past

I think we all have something in our memory that we wish we could push to the side.

In this video I talk about how to forget something that is bothering you. I share 2 strategies to forget something.

1. Change the channel. In other words replace the memory with something else. Like changing the channel on television.

2. You can change the way you see memories. If the memory is really bothering you then change the way you see it. Make it smaller in your mind. Or speed it up or make it funny. Or even push the memory to the back of your mind literally as you visualize it small in the distance

If you do these things over time not only can you change the way you see a memory but you can actually forget the memory.

Follow these steps to forget a memory.

Here is a great article on how to forget

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