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Being focused is a skill. In this day and age, we have all kinds of distraction, from cell phones to video games and easy access to anything and everything, as well as a million and one options, it’s easy to lose focus when we are distracted by so many options. Here, 2-time USA Memory Champ, Ron White offers some tips on how to focus better.

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Did you remember what you just read?

Hey, look over there….a squirrel!!

How to focus!

What is it so hard to focus?

Why is it so hard to learn how to focus.

Well it is hard to focus because we have so many different things coming at us every day.

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram…blah…blah…blah.

Then you get to reading online and an ad pops up and the next thing you know you are buying shoes!

Learning how to focus is really hard but focusing is even harder.

You can get better at focusing and not getting distracted by starting to say ‘NO’ to people.

‘Hey, Ron. Let’s start a Periscope for the business!’


‘Hey Ron, let’s meet for dinner.’


Also, if you are wanting to get better at focusing and not getting distracted so often it might help to set a goal for what you are doing online or reading.

– I want to learn about Abraham Lincoln today.

So when you are online if something pops up that is not about Abraham Lincoln then you don’t click it!

These are some of the strategies for learning how to focus that I cover in this video.

I know it isn’t easy. Right now as I type this I am seeing my Facebook notifications! It is driving me insane not to go check them! But my goal right now is to write this description on how to focus without distractions.

So I am staying focused and on target.

I won’t go check the notifications until I finish this..


I hope this helps you just a little bit on how to focus.

Wouldn’t the irony be if you are on Youtube to watch another video and ended up watching this one because you got distracted and now you are watching a video on how to focus without getting distracted.

If so, I am glad you are here!

Now go focus!!

And I’m going to check Facebook as my reward for staying focused!!!

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