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In this video we talk about how to overcome your fears.

Fears can create a lot of anxiety. Sometimes this anxiety is normal because you are afraid of a bear that is chasing you.

But sometimes the anxiety that this fear creates is not rational.

When dealing with your fears and anxiety you need to learn that if it is not going to kill you it probably is an irrational fear.

For example you may have anxiety about changing jobs. But life is nothing without risks. This doesn’t mean changing jobs is the best for you but the anxiety you feel over it may not be warranted.

Because if the job doesn’t work out you will just change jobs again. Or you learned a new job before you can do it again.

One of the ways to deal with anxiety is to embrace stoicism and this is the belief that regardless of the outcome everything is going to be ok.

Another way to deal with anxiety is to do what you fear. Because when you do what you fear it no longer controls you.

Write down the source of your anxiety this is a great way to deal with anxiety. For example, maybe you fear public speaking.

So write down everything you fear about public speaking.

– You fear you will forget your lines
– You fear you will look stupid
– You fear everyone will judge you
– You fear you will freeze up

Whatever your anxiety is about public speaking write it down and then ask yourself what is the worst that could happen if each of these things occur.

Next, to really deal with your anxiety about this fear it is to simply just do it! Press forward and conquer your fears by doing them.

You will discover that when you confront your fears you will overcome them and they no longer control you with anxiety.

Maybe even talk to someone who has done what you fear and they can give you good advice and wisdom on what it is like.

You must conquer your fears.

The best way to deal with anxiety and overcome your fears is to face it.

You’ll be glad you did.

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