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Would you like to cure your ADD or ADHD Naturally?

Taking medication is not the best way to cure ADD if you can cure it naturally.

These tips are some of my best ways to cure ADD and ADHD naturally.

They include:
1. Avoiding sugar. High levels of sugar cause blood sugar levels and that makes it hard to focus. To stop and cure your ADD cut out the sugar.
2. Eliminate artificial sweeteners
3. One of the best ways to naturally cure your ADD or ADHD is to take fish oil supplement
4. Foods like Salmon are create for focusing and curing ADD naturally
5. Take Vitamin B complex it will give you energy as well as help you focus and cure your add
6. Vetiver and cedarwood are good herbs for improving your focus and ability to cure your ADD naturally
7. Eating breakfast will help you focus better during the day

Follow these tips to focus better and cure your ADD naturally.

I struggle with ADD and ADHD and I really follow these guidelines and I think you should as well

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