Hey guys! In this video I teach you how to get your 2-digit PAO (Person-Action-Object) System up and going. This is the system I started with and is the same system I still use to memorize over 300 digits in 5 minutes.

I know it can sometimes feel a bit daunting task to try and come up with 300 images (100 people, 100 actions, and 100 objects). But it’s not so hard. Hopefully my tips help! And once you have it, you can start using it to memorize some really large numbers!

I mention some other videos in this one that you might find useful:
The Major System (for numbers): https://youtu.be/nJGMXUJCB-4
Memory Palace: https://youtu.be/WF0obg-Fhes

You’re welcome!

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