Get my memory training tips at the link above. I used these tips to remember everything and become a 2 time USA Memory Champiion.

Now, how to naturally boost testosterone. These are my tips on how I naturally boosted my testosterone.

I was feeling slow, sluggish, tired, depressed, weak, old. cloudy headed and a lack of energy. So I went and had my testosterone tested.

It was LOW!!

I had low T or low testosterone. With the steps below I boosted my testosterone by 24% (naturally).

It made sense so I looked in to naturally boosting my testosterone.
The first thing I did was lose weight. I was 222lbs and I lost 30 lbs to get down to 192lbs. Men with extra belly fat will have lower testosterone levels. So I first focused on losing weight.

Good exerices for boosting testosterone are high intensity short burst workouts. Studies show that really long workouts of hours will actually hurt your testosterone.

The next thing I did was manage my stress levels. High stress is a testosterone killer. If you are wanting to boost your testosterone you need to manage your stress.

Sugar is also a testosterone killer. When looking in to how to naturally boost testosterone I cut back on sugar. This is hard for me because I love sugar and sweets but I also want to boost my testosterone so I made the sacrifice.

Vitamin D is also a great supplement to boost testosterone. I take a Vitamin D pill daily to boost my testosterone but I also make a point to get out in the soon. The sun is a great natural soource of Vitamin D.

Beans, milk and cheese are also good sources of natural foods to boost testosterone.

Finally, I take a zinc supplement this is proven to help boost testosterone.

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