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Brain games and memory games are fun but do you want to really improve your memory? If so, you need more than just playing the memory or brain games you need memory training. Memory training techniques such as the Mind Palace are the best way.

In the memory game simon which is a color matching game it is possible to remember as many as 100 colors in a row using memory training or the mind palace technique.

It is a simple method of creating pictures for colors. For example:

red = rose
yellow = banana
blue = water
green = grass

And then see these pictures in your mind palace.

You could even use more advanced methods to create pictures for the images.

For example if you know the Major System (a memory technique for numbers) where every digit is assigned a sound:

0 = suh
1 = tuh
2 = nuh
3 = muh
4 = ruh
5 = luh
6 = juh
7 = kuh
8 = fuh
9 = buh

Then when you have the number 25 that is nuh and luh so I use the picture NAIL for 25.

Using this concept you could assign every color a number. Perhaps
Red = 4 (because of R)
Yellow = 5 (because of L)
Blue = 9 (Because of B)
Green = 2 (Because of N)

Then when you see the colors you could memorize colors in groups of 2-3. For more information on the Major System visit this link

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