Memory training tips

Be creative and learn memory training at the link above!

These are a few tricks to help your brain remember a name of someone you have met.

If you want to be more creative there are a lot of things that you can do.

First of all a stressed out brain can not be creative. So learn to relax and chill out a bit and this will help you be more creative.

Other things you can do to be more creative are things like I mention in the video of drawing a bunch of circles and then seeing what you can make out of those circles.

Or maybe posting on Facebook one line of a story and ask everyone who comments to put the next line of the story. This is not only helping you to be creative but for your followers who want to learn how to be creative this will help.

How to be creative? This is a great topic. Albert Einstein said ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’.

Another key to being more creative is to try new things. What would you do if you couldn’t fail? This is an interesting question that prompts you to try new things.

Maybe surround yourself with creative people like artists and musicians and get creative ideas from them. Or just get insight on to how they think.

The greatest inventions of all time have come from creative ideas and creative thinking.

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