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How to Study for a Test. These are my best how to study tips.

Several of these tips come from William Poundstone’s book ‘Rock Breaks Scissors. In here there are some very interesting statistics on taking multiple choice test.

B was correct 28% of the time when there are 4 choices
E was correct 23% of the time when there are 5 choices

He discovered that when the option ‘none of the above’ or ‘all of the above’ is correct 52% of the time!

These are not strategies on how to study for a test.
1. Get pumped up for the test. Believe that you want to do well. Having a positive attitude will help you when you are studying for a test.
2. Be well prepared is the best way to stay relaxed and if you study for a test you will be relaxed and well prepared.
3. Glance over the test. See how many questions are on the test this will help you as you study for a test. This gives you a feel for the test.
4. Answer the questions in order you know first
5. Review your answers when you are done. This will help you check your work and is a great test taking strategy
6. Use the memory palace or the mind palace to memorize the test
7. If you can’t think of the answer a great test taking strategy is to think back to the room you were in when you first took the test
8. Get some sleep the night before you take a test. You will not be able to ace a test if you are not rested.

These are some of my how to ace a test strategy.

The strategies for understanding the probabilities of multiple choice are good to know.

I did do another video on how to study and you can find that here


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