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This is how I learn languages.

To learn anything you need to create an image for it and store it somehow in your memory. I will say upfront that the best way to learn a language is NOT to memorize the language. However, there are some things that you can memorize when you are learning a new language and counting is one of those things.

My goal is to learn the Thai language so I have memorized a few basic words and how to count a bit in Thai too.

This is how you count in Thai
1 ๑ หนึ่ง (nèung)
2 ๒ สอง (sŏng)
3 ๓ สาม (săam)
4 ๔ สี่ (sèe)
5 ๕ ห้า (hâa)
6 ๖ หก (hòk)
7 ๗ เจ็ด (jèt)
8 ๘ แปด (bpàet)
9 ๙ เก้า (gâo)
10 ๑๐ สิบ (sìp)

Numbers 11 to 100
Numbers 12 – 19 are the same as 2-9 except with the number ten , สิบ ( sìp ), in front of them. 11 is slightly different, as from 11 onwards whenever หนึ่ง ( nèung , the number 1) is the last word in a number it becomes เอ็ด ( èt ) instead.

11 ๑๑ สิบเอ็ด (sìp èt)
12 ๑๒ สิบสอง (sìp sŏng)
13 ๑๓สิบสาม (sìp săam)
14 ๑๔ สิบสี่ (sìp sèe)
15 ๑๕ สิบห้า (sìp hâa)
16 ๑๖ สิบหก (sìp hòk)
17 ๑๗ สิบเจ็ด (sìp jèt)
18 ๑๘ สิบแปด (sìp bpàet)
19 ๑๙ สิบเก้า (sìp gâo)

Learning to count in a new language is fun. Here is a description of how to count in Thai as well.

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