How often have you struggled to remember material before a test? Maybe you just needed to go for a run! Could exercise improve your memory?

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If You Want To Remember This, Go For A Run 4 Hours From Now
“Now a new study in Current Biology by Guillen Fernandez, a cognitive neuroscientist at Radboud University in the Netherlands, further shows how your physical body affects your mental life. Using a visual-recall exercise and brain imaging, Fernandez and his colleagues found that working out four hours after studying 90 test images increases the accuracy of recalling those images – while exercising immediately after study provided no boost at all, the same as a control group.”

Exercise Moderates Age-Related Atrophy Of The Medial Temporal Lobe
“Regional deterioration of brain structure is a typical feature of aging, but emerging evidence suggests that exercise may mitigate the decline. The purpose of the present investigation was to examine the moderating influence of exercise engagement on cross-sectional estimates of age-related brain atrophy at both global and regional levels.”

Regular Exercise Changes The Brain To Improve Memory, Thinking Skills
“There are plenty of good reasons to be physically active. Big ones include reducing the odds of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Maybe you want to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, prevent depression, or just look better. Here’s another one, which especially applies to those of us (including me) experiencing the brain fog that comes with age: exercise changes the brain in ways that protect memory and thinking skills.”


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