Ghandi had some controversial ideas and ideas that today are still valid. Here are some of both:

Spreading mud on body to cure sickness

Shouldn’t drink too much water

Sex was bad for health

04:00 How to save people from drowning 🙂

04:30 Tips on fasting

Fresh air benefits

05:11 Why he was a vegetarian

06:00 His views on natural prevention versus medicine

06:30 World is composed of 5 elements and so is the body

06:49 Most important part of your body is the stomach

07:00 Why you should breath through your nose

08:15 99 of 100 cases of sickness due to impure air

08:45 Importance of clean water for the body

09:15 Best way to purify water

09:33 Difference in hard water and soft water

09:50 Rain water is the best form of soft water

9:58 He believed you shouldn’t drink a lot of water

10:30 People eat too much, birds don’t eat out of pleasure

11:33 Festivities should not be centered around food

12:15 against tobacco

12:40 3 classes of how humans eat

13:05 He didn’t believe you should cook your food

13:20 His diet is mainly plantain, ground nut, olive oil, sour fruits

13:48 He was a big fan of wheat

14:18 You should not put salt in your food

14:30 Milk is not recommended by him and recommends other sources of

16:00 Eating too little rarely ruins your health

16:20 Why people have bad breath

17:00 Why you shouldn’t eat breakfast

17:28 The mind is weakened when we don’t exercise

18:00 Exercise cannot be mindless. It must engage the brain

18:07 The idea healthy person is the farmer

19:02 Benefits of walking

19:52 Why he believed clothing could be unhealthy

20:20 Why you shouldn’t wear shoes

22:20 Why you shouldn’t have sex

23:50 What age men should marry

24:15 Why masturbation should be avoided

25:23 How to cure a high fever by getting naked

25:45 Water can cure constipation, settle bowels, bloody nose

26:30 Claimed he cured himself of constipation, headaches and more with use of mud

28:20 How to cure a fever

28:32 He was against vaccinations

29:22 Why childbirth is painful for humans

30:23 True happiness comes from health

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