Brain games like the now famous Luminosity and others help us create new pathways for knowledge in our brain, making learning things easier even as we age in life. Let’s explore and encourage adding fun learning experiences to help us become our best selves!

The internet has a lot of brain games that will challenge your creativity. Download brain games into your life to enhance your brains effectiveness. Keeping your brain learning and stimulated helps it form new pathways that make it easier to learn even more. You can also download games onto your Android phone or i-phone or computer and make a habit of playing it. Play games that help your brain recognize patterns and practice short term memory. It also helps to reduce stress which improves memory.

Here’s an example. I remember as a child my mother used to have a bunch of her friends come to our home once a month to play this game called Mahjong with all these little blocks that had Asian symbols on them. They seemed to be having fun and I could relate to the idea of spending hours playing games being a kid who invested most of my life at that point playing one game or another.

So this game shown below uses these same blocks and images in a type of memory game we can use to increase our brain’s capacity to make new new connections and stay flexible. Go ahead and play this game now and see how you can improve your score each day as you return. I recommend bookmarking this page so you can return to it easily!


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