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A rewarding examination of improving memory & cognitive performance.

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"I want to meditate but I don't know how?" or
"My brain's too busy and tense to meditate!"

And improve the performance of your memory and more.

Training oneself to achieve heightened states of relaxation prior to performing important tasks, taking tests, studying or other activities can improve your outcomes!

People who meditate regularly which today includes everyone from soccer moms to Silicon Valley billionaires experience remarkable results they describe in some of these follow ways;

  • Improve clarity, focus and concentration.
  • Dramatically reduce stress & anxiety.
  • Become more confident & motivated.
  • Create greater inner peace.
  • Experience more blissful feelings.
  • Reduce depressive episodes.
  • Improve your financial status.

Mindfulness meditation introduction to improving one's memory and happiness

We have created a binaural beats sound file that combines the calming effects of the sounds of flowing water with frequencies that are known to boost one's focus.  Download the file and play it using any headset at a low setting and while sitting in a relaxed position. You can experience the power of brain entrainment through binaural beats for yourself. You won't find this anywhere else! It's exclusive just for you!



The statements on this page are not meant to constitute a guarantee of results or outcomes for every individual. Results vary. This sound file is a tool for personal growth development and sense of well being by facilitating access to a meditative state.  This file is not intended to diagnose, treatcure, or prevent any disease. The benefits of meditation and relaxation are well researched by educational institutions like UCLA and others and we highly recommend reading the various findings for yourself and sharing them with others you love! 


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