Download the Pliny Miles book at link above.

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Click the link above to get this memory training book written in 1846 by American memory expert Pliny Miles.

It is a great book that teaches you how to remember numbers, facts, history dates, geography and more. It is a memory training book written over 174 years ago.

Much of the book is devoted to teaching the major system which is a method in which you turn numbers in to images using sounds. Once you have images for sounds you can then start seeing these images and attaching them to items that you would like to recall.

Pliny Miles uses this system to turn dates in to images and then memorize many history facts from the sovereign rulers of England and France to great inventors and inventions in history.

His memory method also references how to memorize parts of the Christian bible.

You can download this book at the link above and get images for almost every number from 0 to 7,000!

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