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These are my 10 Steps to Become Fluent in Any Language in 6 Months

1. Learn the 625 key words to any language. If you master and learn these 625 words you will be well on your way to mastering any language. Here is a like to Gabriel from Fluent Forever’s list:

2. Listen to how the words are pronounced in this language.

3. Mix it up. If you want to become fluent in any language take the words that you already know and mix them up in sentences. For example if you know 10 nouns, 10 verbs and 10 adjectives you can say 1000 different phrases already!

4. Immersion is the best! If you can go to that country that is the best. If not, then maybe something like a Rosetta Stone course.

5. To become fluent in any language use technology. Set your phone to that language in the settings or change your computer browser settings to that language.

6. Read children’s books to become fluent in any language or watch movies with subtitles in the language you are trying to learn.

7. Use memory training to become fluent in another language. Learn to think and imagine the words as pictures or images.

8. Work on your pronunciation! If you are saying the words wrong it doesn’t matter if you have them memorized.

9. Make friends in that language or get a language tutor

10. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! You will make lots of mistakes but this is how you learn.

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