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A science experiment seeing how many rubber bands it will take to crush a watermelon.

Let us know what other science experiments you want us to do.

This watermelon exploding one was fun. Believe it or not the rubber bands cut my hands!

But it was fun and the watermelon tasted good. I think I will use a knife the next time I want a watermelon and won’t explode it with rubber bands but this was still a very fun video to do.

I saw someone else explode a watermelon with rubber bands and it gave me the idea for the science experiment. I have been looking for ideas for science experiments to do at home. This was a fun one. Let me know if you liked seeing the watermelon explode and what else you would like to see.

Here are a few watermelon exploding videos (from the slow mo guys it’s pretty cool) (from crazy russian hacker) (check out these kids doing it. haha) Exploding watermelon challenge

I never really called it the exploding watermelon challenge but I guess that is the formal name on youtube.

Maybe you should try the exploding watermelon challenge?

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