This exam meditation is for people who have an upcoming exam or test, and feel stressed out and like they cant concentrate or remember what they read. When we are stressed, learning becomes almost impossible, and studying for a test or exam can be even more difficult. You then begin to panic and lose hope. What you really need is to take a step back and release some of that stress from your body and mind, so that you are able to concentrate once again, and enhance your learning. This is a guided meditation for exams stress, concentration, increasing memory and enhancing learning for when you are studying. So take a break from your reading and release that stress to improve your learning and memory, making studying easier and increasing your chances of passing your test and ace the exam. This is a simple breathing meditation allowing you to center yourself and clear your mind, making room in your mind for new knowledge and learning.

The lovely meditation music for this video is a song called Nevada City by Huma-Huma

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