In 2016, I attempted to climb Mt. Everest for the 3rd time. Here’s the final vlog I filmed throughout the 2-month expedition.

In this final episode, we prepare for our summit push and finally make the moves to make our summit attempt. I didn’t summit, but rather, got sick at the South Col and had to retreat.

I apologize for a few things about this video. For one, the amount of footage and the quality of some of it. As you can tell, it was a tough part of the climb for me, and filming wasn’t of the highest priority. I shot most of it on my iPhone (vertically, unfortunately) and had to pull other clips from weird places to try and make this vlog kinda sorta work. Secondly, sorry it took so long to make. I really didn’t know what to do with the limited content I had. This is the best I could do. Sorry it’s not really in line with some of my typical stuff, but at least it’s all wrapped up and I can move on. Onwards to Everest 2018!

Team: Altitude Junkies (
Leader: Phil Crampton

Music: IHF – “Evolve” // Epidemic Sounds // Eluvium – “Fugue State” + Morgan Freeman reciting “Invictus”

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