In 2016, I attempted to climb Mt. Everest for the 3rd time. Here’s the vlog I filmed throughout the 2-month expedition.

Before climbing up the mountain, it is common practice by expedition teams (and mandatory for Sherpas) to have a Puja ceremony. It is a prayer service to grant us safe passage by the mountain gods. It is a beautiful thing to observe, with the juniper burning, Tibetan prayers chanting, prayer flags flying, and the local alcohol drinking. Always a memorable experience!

Team: Altitude Junkies (
Leader: Phil Crampton

Music: “Don’t Wait” by Bonobo

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My Gear (in case you’re interested):

Vlogging Camera:
Vlogging Camera lens:
Big Cinematic Camera:
Cinematic Lens #1 (wide angle):
Cinematic Lens #2 (macro):
Cinematic Lens #3 (zoom):
Cinematic Lens #3 (medium):
Go Pro:
Rode Mic:
Gorilla Pod:
Laptop: (but with more ram and disk space)
External Hard Drives:
My vehicle of choice:

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