Crossing Bridges to Namche Bazaar Nepal EBC Hiking Trek // Mount Everest Base Camp Hike Travel
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Video Takeaways
Day 3 – Namche Bazaar (11,283ft) // (Moonlight Lodge)
Today is going to be a tough one. Considered one of the more grueling days (mostly because we are new to the altitude), today’s hike will take about 5-6 hours. There’s no rush, so it’s all about going at your pace and taking in the beautiful surroundings. Lots of uphill slogging here and some seriously epic suspension bridge crossings. You’ll really get into the heart of some of the local villages, probably have some local Nepali kids run after you and play, more yaks, and for a brief second….a glimpse at Everest herself. When you finally get to the base of Namche, it’s a pretty amazing site to see. Essentially, a village carved into the nook of a mountain. Namche is the largest village in the region, and for that you’ll find a lot of amenities: lots of mountain gear shops (North Face, Sherpa, Mountain Hardwear), bakery’s (delicious), and wifi cafes. Also, annoyingly, LOTS of steps. But this will all be good acclimatization.

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