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Would you like to get better at brain storming and create better ideas.

These are my 5 ideas to more creative thinking. I studied the life of Leonardo daVinci and he was no doubt one of the most creative thinkers in the history of the world.

We all have great ideas in our head but sometimes the problem is remember the ideas that we come up with or un-clouding our head long enough to get the ideas out of our head.

Here are my 5 tips to more creative thinking:

1. Carry a journal just as Leonardo da Vinci did. Whenever he had an idea he would write it down. This keeps you from forgetting your ideas. Sometimes I will use my cell phone and just email the idea to myself. But even as a memory champion I believe in the power of writing down the idea.

2. Learn to ask better questions. What really will stimulate your brain and creativity is asking questions. Learn to ask better questions and even get study groups where all you do is list out questions and write the questions down.

3. In this exercise of creative thinking as you brain storm do not have any judgements. All ideas are welcome and none are criticized as silly or dumb. You can always go back and weed out the questions later. It is also a good idea to include people who are not familiar with your subject matter because they will look at it with fresh eyes.

4. One of the best exercises in creative thinking is to take the pessimist and optimist debate. Debate with yourself or with your group a topic. Take either point of view and argue it to get all the points out on paper. This will require you to think in ways that you never had before.

5. The random object method. This one will require you to select a random object that has nothing to do with your topic and list out ideas and words about that random object. Then when you complete this go back and see how many of those words you can apply to your topic. This is a creative way to get new and fresh ideas about your topic.

Albert Einstein said , ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ This is why I believe creative thinking and effective brain storming is one of the most important skills a person can master.

How to you brain storm better and become a more creative thinker?


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